Simply Dance Shoes 'n Gear  have taken their dance shoes and opened  their new retail shop at East Maitland.

 Covelli is situated at  Shop 9-116 High Street, East Maitland  -  Covelli Dance Shoes


Merril DeFiddes & Roy Blayden avid dancers and distributors of unique dance shoes which offer you the opportunity to evaluate our wide range of:

  Rock 'N Roll Shoes,
  Swing Shoes,
  Ballroom Shoes
  Latin Shoes

  New Vogue
  Shoes for Salsa, Ceroc, Mamboroc,
  Mens, Ladies and Children are catered for.

 Covelli is located at    

Shop 9-116 High Street EAST MAITLAND   NSW 2323

Ph +612- 49347434  Fax +612-49347428 

                                  To purchase- Order direct though our Shopping Cart at Covelli Dance Shoes

 Also stockists of Shoe Bags - Socks - Braces - Ties - Hand Towels - Fans
and we can also assist you with your Rock 'N Roll Wardrobe.

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